Cleveland, Ohio

About me: I am the moderator of this blog, having no qualifications but a trust that the Spirit will guide us in our shared reading, prayer and reflection.

As a Catholic Christian whose faith has been enriched by Orthodoxy, I welcome to this site all people who have a genuine interest in deepening their lives in Christ.

If you do not already know me, you are welcome to check me out through my other blog, A priceless thing and accompanying links.

About the blog: We begin with the book, Orthodox Prayer Life, The Interior Way, by Matthew the Poor (Fr. Matta El-Maskeen). We will be moving through the book slowly and prayerfully, so relax and join in as you are able.

Because there will likely be diversity in readership, we may bring with us some differences in how we understand our faith. May this be enriching. I ask that this site not be used as a place to debate differences in faith since I can be of no use in sorting out that type of discussion.

Here we come to pray and support one another in a spirit of humility that recognizes that our understanding of the Almighty God will always be imperfect in this life. With gratitude, we open ourselves to the gifts He gives us in one another.

About comments: The blog is open to comments because that is how we form a sense of community. A comment may be a reflection in response to a question I post or a few words about what has moved you in a particular segment of the book that I have highlighted. There is no need to be shy nor must you have something profound to say in order to comment. May our eyes remain on God while our words encourage one another.