Chapter 2, Sayings of the Fathers on Contemplation, pp. 66-70

Let us pray…we who are nothing are called to contemplate the fullness of Your goodness, Your beauty, Your love. There is nothing we can say or do to be worthy of such a glorious gift.

And so, with the help of Your divine mercy, we repent of our sins and stand before you, empty and aware of our smallness. Purify and expand our hearts that they might be ready to know You…


The Fathers have much to say to us about contemplation and yet I don’t feel inclined to comment or ask questions about their words. They write about experience so deep from the heart that several refer to it as being intoxicated by God. What could I say of such experience that would not seem to violate its sanctity?

Instead, I have recorded a couple of the passages. I find that I like to read aloud to others as it enables me to enter the text more deeply. I also like to be read to and consider that perhaps others do too. You may listen if you wish – or perhaps you will want to select some text to read aloud yourself so that you might enter it more deeply.

I have chosen #50 by St. Augustine and #53 by St. John of Dalyatha to offer here. (If you click either of the links below,  you will be taken to an mp3 player where you can click the play button to begin listening. This is the no-cost option!)

St. Augustine:
St. John of Dalyatha:


This post brings us to the end of Chapter 2. As always, take what time you need to reflect and pray. Comments are always welcome. Also, please feel free to communicate with me here or privately if you have any comments about how the process is going or can be improved. My e-mail address can be found in the Guidelines.


One thought on “Chapter 2, Sayings of the Fathers on Contemplation, pp. 66-70

  1. I had forgotten how human, also poetic, Augustine was. It is good to hear important words read well. Often they seem to hang in the air a bit longer than printed ones stay in the mind’s eye.

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