Chapter 1, Section 2, Sayings of the Fathers, pp 28-29

Greetings, praying people of God…

Just a few thoughts on the Sayings of the Fathers from this section before we move on.

Our friend St. Macarius the Great graces us with a number of insights but the one that touched me was this simple one: “By means of it [prayer] we can daily obtain the rest of the virtues by asking God for them.”

  1. Do I regularly ask God for virtues? What virtue(s) might I want to ask Him for today? What one might I need today?

St. Isaac of Nineveh was a monk known for his asceticism and profound writings on prayer and the love of God. His sanctity is best known in the Eastern Churches. He, like others, writes of the state of “constant prayer”.

  1. What would constant prayer or “praying without ceasing” mean for those of us living in the world? Is such a thing even possible?
  2. (an aside) I know that some of you already read Fr. Stephen Freeman’s blog, Glory to God for All Things. His current article on “Self-emptying prayer” is very good. Also, a Fr. Thomas makes some very interesting remarks relevant to this discussion in the comments section for those wanting additional reading (click here).

As always, your thoughts and questions for others to ponder are welcome here. They may be far better than mine so please do not hesitate to add them.

In the meantime, let us remember how great is prayer and what a privilege it is that God has invited us into it…